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US sanctions on Iran puts Iraq in a catch-22

US sanctions against Iran has put Iraq in a precarious situation. While Iraqi premier Haidar Al Abadi has agreed to abide by them, he has called them a ‘strategic error’. Sanctions will undoubtedly lead to a decline in trade between the two countries as all money transfers and banking operations are conducting in the US […]

Damascus comes back to life—but only for the rich

Just earlier this year rockets were landing in parts of Damsacus fired by rebel groups in surrounding suburbs. However, a Russian and Iranian-backed government offensive successfully sent the rebels in Eastern Ghouta packing, stamping out the sporadic nuissance of mortar shells landing Damascus, keeping residents on edge. While the capital was largely unaffected by the […]

New parliamentary bloc emerging in Lebanon

A new parliamentary bloc is emerging in Lebanon, positioning itself the “Sunni Opposition” to Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri and his Future Movement. It includes 10 MPs, who are all allies of the Hezbollah-led March 8 Coalition, demanding a minimum of one — possibly two — cabinet seats in the forthcoming Hariri government. Hariri has so […]

Erdogan consolidates his power promising sweeping renewal

“We, as Turkey and as the Turkish people, are making a new start here today,” were the words of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking at his inauguration, vested with far-reaching and unprecedented powers. “We are leaving behind the system that has in the past cost our country a heavy price in political and economic […]

Duraid Lahham makes a cinematic comeback

Veteran Syrian comedian Duraid Lahham, famous across the Arab World for the character of Ghawwar Al Tawsheh, is making a cinematic comeback this summer with a film called Dimashq – Halab(Damascus-Aleppo). Lahham, aged 84, has not appeared in movies since 2006, and is presently billing with his former co-star Sabah Al Jazairi, with whom he shared […]

أين أمين دمشق؟.

ما حدث في دمشق على مدى ثلاثة أيام متقطعة، من سيول وفيضانات، هو ليس غضباً من اللـه كما حاول البعض تصويره، وإنما مجرد نتيجة طبيعية ومتوقعة لسنوات طويلة من سوء التخطيط والإهمال والفوضى. السيول ليست جديدة على دمشق، وأهلنا يعرفونها جيداً منذ زمن، عندما كانت تصل إلى مدينتهم عبر منافذ وأقنية سفح جبل قاسيون، فتصب […]

عن الرقابة وحجب المواقع الاباحية

حجبت المواقع الاباحية في سورية منذ أيام، منعاً للمزيد من الانحلال الاخلاقي. انا شخصياً لست ضد القرار، ففي كل بلاد العالم هناك رقابة معينة في هذه الأمور. ولكن البعض يطالب برفع الحجب من منطلق “حرية المواطن الشخصية” بتصفح ما يشاء، مستشهدين بحرية ألغرب. في أوروبا والولايات المتحدة لا يسمح للأطفل بدخول صالة العرض السينمائي اذا […]

Ghouta was once Syria’s bread basket

Apart from the military victory and the political symbolism that comes with it, Damascus is bracing itself for big economic gains from the restoration of Eastern Ghouta, the agricultural belt surrounding the Syrian capital, which government troops have marched into this month, ending six-years of opposition rule. For starters, Ghouta means more livestock and vast […]

How Block 9 could save the Lebanese economy

Lebanon’s long overdue decision, to drill for oil and gas reserves in an offshore water area, has sparked escalating tensions between Beirut and Tel Aviv, threatening, yet again, another military confrontation between the two countries. Israel falsely claims that part of the triangular water area, known as Block 9, is theirs. Lebanon has insisted it […]

أين دهب أرشيف عبد الناصر السوري؟

لم يكن المشير عبد الحكيم عامر يُدرك أن 28 أيلول 1961 سيكون آخر يوم له فى سوريا، وأن انقلاباً عسكرياً سيطيح به وبجمهورية الوحدة التى شارك بصنعها وبحكمها مع صديقه الرئيس جمال عبد الناصر، وتحمل الجزء الأكبر من أوزار فشلها. غادر دمشق فى الساعة الخامسة والنصف من ذلك المساء، ولم يأخذ معه إلا ممتلكاته الشخصية، […]